Waiting for her Call

She said wait for my call

And as I sit here thinking

With a whirlwind in my head yet eyes unblinking

Reminiscing the exact moment of my fall

I can think of no good reason not to bawl

About love, women and the unfairness of it all

For is love really spring among seasons

A pleasure so unique amongst life’s many renditions

That it could make a practical man lose all reason

And make him bet everything on her toss or her roll

I hear the mocking sound of a clock chiming away

Belittling my vigil, its amusement echoing in this hall

For every second is a clap and every minute a slap

To the faith of this furiously expectant idiot of a chap

And yet he restrains himself, from banging his head on the wall

For he has been told

To wait for her call


2 thoughts on “Waiting for her Call

  1. Waiting, and dreaming, andpining, you are!
    Don’t lose hope on love!
    Impatient men, eager to find love,
    Know not that it comes uneasy.
    A woman’s heart is broken so often,
    That to lend it again, she must take all precaution.
    Waiting, and trying, and seeking…
    Ardous, and troublesome, and painful as it seems,
    Are tests to determine whether you love as you dream!
    Every second, and every minute, and every hour you stay,
    Know that it’s her relentless faith in love at play!

    Her response to you 😉

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