Book Review: The MONK who should have kept his FERRARI


2 out of 5 Stars (Goodreads Rating System)

Come to me ohh you all ,who seek the path to meaning and happiness and let me bestow upon you the ANCIENT SECRET of everlasting happiness and fulfillment. And you know what the BIG SECRET is ,instead of ‘Wanting’ to be happy, just ‘BE’ happy.

What! you don’t get it.Okay let me put it in a very annoying cliched story of 200 pages in which a spiritually dead hotshot lawyer burned out of his wits has a life threatening experience, renounces everything and goes to THE ANCIENT HOLY LAND of spiritual searches ,INDIA, to find MONKS clad in crimson teach him the way and transform him into a SHITTY MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.

I appreciate what Robin sharma is trying to do,breathing encouragement into people so that they could leave their past behind, live in the present, have confidence and a fulfilling life experience, is a noble venture indeed. Specially if you get paid to do it ,have seminars and clients for the sole purpose of giving reassuring taps on their shoulders. But I didn’t like this book. Specially because he kept trying to convince the reader that the philosophies and exercises that he is prescribing are some noble secret of the ancient yogis of India. DUDE!, I live here ,everybody knows these things ,every parent of every child has given them the same lessons throughout their life. So, instead of bullshitting and showing a yogi teaching all this ,just be practical and straightforward about the whole deal.

The whole book reminded me of another that I read a long time ago “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne”. The power of positive thinking was the main concept highlighted, in that one too. The old dialogue “If you really want something from the bottom of your heart then the whole universe will conspire with you to make it yours”.  Yes, a worthwhile thing to consider, Think positive (Don’t let a single negative thought in…if you do then its the naked penance below freezing waterfall in the freaking Himalayas for you). Again noble thoughts, but not I repeat a bigggg secret. This whole book seemed like someone cheering from the sidelines of a marathon “YOU CAN DO IT!!!”. Specially if that some one is an old monk in crimson robes. And the only old monk in crimson opening up its secrets that I am interested in is :-


Honestly, I have great respect for motivational speakers and a lot of inspirational programs like “The Art of living” but I don’t think they are for me. The importance of time management, living in the now, positive thinking, family is apparent to me without a book telling me so. Meditation and yoga calms the soul and should be regularly pursued is also very clear.”Will power” is the key to it all , never ever give up, now all of this is not new, see any Reebok or Adidas commercial and they will tell you the same thing. So, purchasing this book and spending the time to read it all just to know that you should be setting clear goals and pursuing them with rigor and enjoying the process is all well and good but not really worth it.This all boils down to common sense and I too am lost like any other person out there despite knowing all this.

All in all, if someone really followed this diligently then I have no doubt that they completely transformed their life, that is what the book says in retrospect “Get it together and Go for it,For GOD’s SAKE!”. A great pep talk, not a great book in my unworthy opinion. But still 2 stars for the message alone.May the force be with you.




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