Book Review: Time to Murder and Create : – “A filler turned Savory mystery”


I can literally burn through a Block novel within hours, this is one of the best quality about them that I like. After some serious novels like “Karmbhoomi” which make you contemplate some pretty heavy shit you want a refresh,a reboot ,something to pick you up and remind you that you started reading because you enjoy it, so what do you do,you pick up Block again, I thought it would serve as a good Filler, it turned out to be a very enjoyable and engrossing read indeed.

Scudder is a badass, he has grit, he has moves and he has a drinking habit.A murkily stained past and a weird sense of morals.What more can anyone possibly want in an anti hero. He can forgive almost any crime but not murder, and he has no problem helping a lowlife ‘Spinner’ even after the guy bites it because He just does.

In the second installment of Matthew Scudder series, we witness ‘Matt’ helping avenge a guy who by all standards of morality and justice belongs in the grave.But that doesn’t mean the guy who helped him get there deserves freedom ,no sir, enter Scudder, a man true to his word to keep secrets sealed until its time to rip them open and dive into something he otherwise could have lived without, a word is a word after all. And so spans the novel with its twists and turns, I didn’t even try to figure it out this time, what was the point I told myself,there is no definite bad guy here,no definite good guy either.Its a block novel for god’s sake everyone is a piece of shit. And voila so it was, Scudder has a conscience ,well, enough of one that he quits his job after a mishap but apparently not enough to not meddle with shit that can cause more collateral damage.As long as it was not intentional and there’s bourbon in his coffee ,he is cool with it, and you know what so am I.

The whole story seemed like a good written episode of a crime & mystery TV show, which is really not as bad as it sounds. “Shit happens” is the only lesson that I have taken home with me after reading 3 of Block’s countless novels. And so what, my dear friends , isn’t that the only useful lesson we need.I rate this novel 3 out of 5 stars. And I hope to curb my urge to pick the next in line immediately, delayed gratification is much more potent or so people tell me.


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