So, a new year, 2017, and here i was sitting and wondering what exactly is NEW about it,then ‘smack’ comes the realization that it is ‘moi’,’me’,’Yours Truly’ who has the onus to make it new,to start something ‘new’ this year, but not very new , that wouldn’t work at all, something that is build on things that i already love to do, and after wondering for sometime i couldn’t come up with anything but “Reading”. I mean , of course i came up with a lot of stuff but could hardly build anything upon them, i love ‘Sufi’ music and drinking ‘Whiskey’ and Travelling (Well who doesn’t,and frankly this particular ambition is more in my dreams and fantasy than actual legwork travel, which i wonder and hope to change soon)but i can’t claim to be a singer or a mystic sadhu, far from it , and i can hardly be a wine taster or sommelier , never drank it for the Taste for God’s sake, never saw the point.And Travelling ,well i can boast about places i have seen yadah yadah yadah but to be honest i have hardly seen anything yet and the places that i have seen were in the spirit of superficial vacations than hardcore travel, i know ‘horrifying’ right,but lets not pretend that any of us are akin to legendary Travelers of old like ‘Ibn Baṭūṭah’; ‘Marco Polo’, ‘Megasthenes’ or ‘Xuanzang’, i hope i can change that some day.That in the future ‘Virat the Wonderer’ be remembered with fond words and reverence as a great adventurer traveler but not today and not yet, maybe soon.So,that left reading ,here’s the thing about me and reading, we love each other a lot, maybe too much, maybe not enough but we have had a long relationship,which to my great pleasure is yet to mature.I seriously believe that you can never ever read enough, Ever!, there’s just so much,and though i have always loved fiction and fantasy (Surprise surprise!, hence a lot of wondering about everything and anything on my part) i have never actually shared my thoughts about the stuff that i read with anyone.So, why not change that, why not Share the experience ,be it books, travel, even  music (i topped my High school 12th in music, don’t get your hopes up though, we had harmonium, and my ‘People’ are not known for their singing prowess).So , where to begin this exciting new imposition on the world by sharing my views on stuff   bwahahahahaha ‘>evil laughter<‘ and lo and behold i noticed “HITLIST” on my kindle, so why not start this year by sharing a little review cum thoughts on the book.And why not blog it, if not for anyone else than for myself at least.So here goes..


You know the best thing about Lawrence, he is wonderfully engaging, his characters are an absolute delight to read and John Keller is my absolute favorite.I have read two of Mr.Lawrence’s wok before, ‘The sins of the father’-the first book in Mathew Scudder series,and ‘HIT-Man’ the first one in ‘Keller’ series.Between the two characters i like Keller better , just because he was more fun, and the book had wonderful dark humor.
Keller , a no regret, Professional Hit-man who is known to give in to amusing whims, is a real stand up guy, by any psychopathic remorseless standards. He is a model citizen who never shy’s away from his duty as a common man ,like, serving on a Jury.And who is a ‘Philatelist’ an enthusiastic stamp collector.
In this installment ,things get real interesting because Keller has an adversary which strangely enough he finds out in his “Star Chart”, “KUNDALI” for Indians. I mean really, the guy is an absolute enigma, many times in this book i found myself saying “OH FOR GOD’S SAKE” along with Keller. And another enjoyable aspect of this book is ‘DOT’, his ever efficient handler/God mother, i mean there conversations are amusing considering what they talk about is murder and mayhem like they are discussing the Sunday news or what is the best way to make pancakes.
The book is fast enough and each small story furthers the plot adds to the overall scheme of things little by little as well as give you moments to chuckle in between.Block is really gifted storyteller, and though his Keller series is light toned and not too dark or deep, it is most definitely humorous and enjoyable to the last word.I plan on reading more of his works and just hope, ‘as i am late to the ‘Lawrence Block’ party’ that his works remain this entertaining in the future too.


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